End of the Year Discussions about Mouth Guards

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If you are involved in any activities that can easily put your teeth at risk, wearing safety equipment is important. This includes using helmets, face masks, or mouth guards. Often, mouth guards are the easiest to obtain and the easiest to place. Depending on your health care needs, your dentist can help determine which type of mouth guard will work best for you.

Three common types of mouth guards are custom-made mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards, and stock mouth guards. Custom-made mouth guards are specifically designed by your dentist for your exact dental impression. They’re designed for maximum comfort and protection. Similarly, boil and bite mouth guards are designed to your dental impression by placing them in warm water and then biting into them to create your dental profile. Traditionally, stock guards are a form of mouth guard that is ready to wear. However, they are not custom-made and will come pre-formed.

Once you have your mouth guards, it is important to always make sure you clean and care for them. This includes making sure they are properly cleaned every day that they’re used. In addition, store them in a safe place that has a vent so they can dry and stay free of bacteria. If your mouth guard is damaged, replace it as needed. Younger individuals will need to replace their mouth guards more often because their teeth are always constantly changing and growing.

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