Your dentures will occasionally need to be repaired, relined, or adjusted to ensure that they continue to work properly. Our dentist will check the fit and function of your appliance at each appointment, and recommend any adjustments or repairs that need to be made at that time. To learn more about denture repairs, relines, and adjustments in Maplewood, Minnesota, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Bradley Austin, please call Austin Dental Associates today at 651-777-0788.

Denture Repairs

When your denture is damaged or broken, contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment. Our dentist can repair your denture to restore it to a state close to its original condition. Your denture needs to be in good condition in order to function properly and help you chew, speak, and smile with ease and confidence. Following your denture repair, we will also provide you with additional information and instructions on how to protect your appliance in the future.

Denture Relines

The fit of your dentures changes over time. You should have your dentures professionally relined every 1-2 years to ensure that it remains secure in your mouth and functions properly. There are two main types of denture relines, hard relines and soft relines.

Hard denture relines should be performed every 2 years. A hard denture reline involves removing a layer of plastic from the interior surface of the denture, which is then used to create an impression. Your denture impression is then sent to the lab, and relined and adjusted to fit the new shape of your gum tissue.

Soft denture relines are typically performed if you are unable to wear ordinary dentures as a result of tender gums or soreness. The material used in soft denture relines is much gentler on your gums, and is less likely to cause soreness or irritation. This material will stay pliable for 1-2 years. If you have tender or sore gums, you may want to consider a more permanent solution for your oral health needs, such as implant-supported dentures.

Denture Adjustments

As the fit of your denture changes over time, you will need to make small adjustments to your appliance so that it will function properly. Occasionally some of the aesthetic aspects of your appliance may be compromised to compensate for structural concerns or a lack of space in your mouth. Denture adjustments are especially important after you have received immediate dentures, as your mouth will heal and change following the extraction of your teeth and the placement of your dentures. If you notice changes in the fit of your denture or are experiencing discomfort while wearing your appliance, please contact our office so that we can adjust your denture properly.

If you have any questions about denture repairs, relines, or adjustments, and to schedule a consultation with our dentist, call our office today.