Visit Your Dentist About Dental Sealants

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Through the use of dental sealants, individuals of any age can have their teeth protected from dental damage that can arise in the form of dental erosion. Because dental erosion exists due to harmful acids eating your tooth enamel, dental sealants can help protect the surfaces of teeth with a thin coating that cannot be easily breached. Dental sealants are effective for any age and can be placed on children as soon as their molars begin to grow in.

Dental sealants are extremely beneficial for children as they can be used to help protect teeth against tooth decay. They’re safe and effective for children as young as six or whenever their first molars grow in. Once their first molars are visible, dental sealants can be placed on their teeth for tooth decay protection. Studies done by the CDC have shown that children are three times less likely to suffer from cavities on protected teeth.

Although your tooth enamel is strong, it can be damaged by harmful acids. Dental sealants go on clear to allow the natural beauty of your teeth to shine through. This is important so your dentist can see if any damage is occurring underneath. They’re also extremely durable and can last over 10 years before they may need to be repaired or replaced.

Dental sealants are extremely effective for the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. This includes the molars and premolars. Because they’re so effective for preventing dental erosion, they can be placed on your teeth and lower your risk for tooth decay by as much as 80%. In addition, they can protect your teeth against harmful acids that would normally chew through your tooth enamel.

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