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Sensitive teeth that hurt when eating or drinking happens when the protective enamel covering our teeth becomes thin, or when the gums recede to the point where the underlying surface is exposed.

When this happens, hot and cold comestibles cause pain or minor discomfort. Acidic or very sweet things can also become problematic. Even breathing in cold air can be bothersome.

To keep from losing the enamel on your teeth and avoiding tooth sensitivity, stay away from these things:


No Vigorous Brushing

Many people who suffer from receding gum lines do so because of brushing their teeth too hard. This may also cause the loss of enamel on the actual tooth, not just the gums. Go easy on your teeth and gums by using a water jet toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush, and simply applying a lighter touch.


Avoid Sodas and Sugary Drinks

Drinking soda pop and even fruit juices have caused a lot of enamel loss because of their acidity. But since pop and juice is not going away, here is what you can do. Use a straw! A straw will carry the detrimental drink past your pearlies and send it directly down where it can do horrible things to other parts of your body. As long as it doesn’t touch your teeth, you’ll keep your enamel.


No Ice Crunching

Without calories, sugar and acid-free, ice cannot harm you if eaten. Although, chewing it may crack your teeth. There are a lot more ice crunchers than you may know. Don’t be one!

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