You Need to Take Steps to Preserve Your Custom Mouth Guard

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Schools and athletic associations often require contact sport athletes to use a protective mouthguard during practices and games. Yet many athletes complain that stock mouthguards and boil and bite mouthguards feel uncomfortable and make it hard to breathe.

In some of these instances the athlete will be tempted not to use their stock mouthguard which could leave them at increased risk of suffering dental fractures, oral trauma and other complications. If you feel this way, you should consider setting up an appointment with our dentist to explore your custom mouthguard options.

Dr. Bradley Austin will design the oral appliance to comfortably match the specific characteristics and the contours of your teeth. The custom fit will provide you with effective protection and the easy passage of air. The materials used to construct the custom mouthguard very durable, yet it will still need to be maintained.

A seemingly minor bad habit like chewing on your mouthguard or inserting it into your faceguard can potentially damage the oral appliance. If you do notice a problem with your new mouth guard, it’s best to have it addressed as soon as possible by our dentist.

If you are an athlete living in the Maplewood, Minnesota, region and you are interested in a custom mouth guard, you should call 651-777-0788 to schedule an appointment at Austin Dental Associates.